Carapreso Associates

Counterpressure Control Module

Caropreso Associates offers a counterpressure control module that is very compact and easy to operate. It uses a Siemens touch screen to manage the control functions. The system will deliver a pre-determined amount of nitrogen gas or compressed air to a sealed mold prior to plastic injection. Cavity pressure compressed by the resin injection is vented via a metered exhaust valve. The module requires only basic signals from the molding machine to operate. Signals are obtained by attaching magnetic limit switches to the mold and to the injection ram.

The touch screen communicates with the molding machine to manage gas flow to and from the mold. If required, the module can provide an injection delay to insure complete mold pressurization. Standard 120 volt AC and a nitrogen or compressed air source are all that is needed to complete the installation. The module is easily converted to comply with any electrical power requirements.

If you think the counterpressure control module might be right for your business, take a look at the full specifications.