Carapreso Associates

Low Pressure Injection Molding Specialist

Practical Approaches to Innovative Solutions

Michael CaropresoIf you are searching for ways to reduce your part weight or shorten cycle times, low pressure processing may be your solution. Molding parts with these methods continue to produce applications that benefit from productivity improvements. Click here to see what low pressure processing has done for other companies, and what it could do for you.

Company founder Michael Caropreso developed an affordable and portable Counterpressure Control Module. The CCM is a hardware device that helps make plastic molded parts lighter, more attractive, and cheaper to produce. It has been installed in plants throughout the world and has been featured in industry publications like MoldMaking Technology and Plastics News.

Michael established Caropreso Associates, a Becket Massachusetts based consulting firm, after nearly 30 years with GE Plastics. He is a specialist in low-pressure injection molding technologies with a particular focus on structural foam, gas assist and counterpressure processing. The firm delivers increased productivity by offering process and design seminars, in-house training, tooling and part reviews, early application development from a processing point of view, counterpressure control modules plus quality troubleshooting and technical service.