Carapreso Associates

Technical Papers

Caropreso Associates represents 25 years of experience in the field of low pressure processing. Here are some of the technical papers we have published.

Combining Resin Conversion Technologies for Achieving Optimal Part Performance --The replacement of sheet metal with plastic has become somewhat of a common practice. Often an application that appears to be quite simple actually creates a bigger challenge to the plastic part designer than he or she anticipated. [read more]

Chemical Foaming Agents Improve Performance and Productivity -- Chemical foaming agents can play a key role which enables both commodity and engineering polymers to process more easily and with improved properties for injection molding and extrusion processes. [read more]

Molding With Counterpressure -- Counterpressure (CP), said to have been invented in the 1950s in Europe, has been in commercial existence in the US since the early 80s. Primarily used as a surface enhancement technology for structural foam, CP provided an alternative to costly secondary operations required to cover the typical swirl or splay seen on a structural foam part. [read more]

Achieving Weight Reduction and Cycle Time Improvement without Sacrificing Surface Appearance -- Methods to reduce part weight and improve cycle times continue to lure molders and OEMs to investigate these cost cutting technologies. Many of the processes however produce parts with splay or silver streaks on the surface, often making them unacceptable. The incorporation of a low cost process modification will significantly reduce and often eliminate the splayed surface. Counterpressure molding is proving to be very effective in applications with a wall thickness of 3mm and below. This paper will discuss counterpressure tool modifications necessary for achieving double-digit cycle reductions and moderate weight savings without sacrificing the surface appearance. [read more]