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Published Reviews

First Gate-Sequenced Gas Assist Application Provides Outstanding Quality -- What is believed to be the first ever combination of gate sequencing and gas-assisted molding has saved money while providing outstanding product quality in a computer panel application.
-- MoldMaking Technology, November 2001 [read more]

Molding Systems Magazine: January 1998 “ Getting into Gas-Assist Molding”

Plastics News: May 1999 “ Caropreso Gains recognition for his efforts”

Plastics News: May 1999 “ Teamwork gets H-P ready for production”

Plastics Technology: February 2001 “Sequential gating and gas assist team up for the first time”

MoldMaking Technology: November 2001 “Providing the Assist”

Modern Plastics: November 2001 “Foam Molding Resurgence”

Plastics News: December 2001 “Caropreso unveils its control module”